Where do you start with small business brand protection?

The first step to protecting a brand online using a trademark is the pre-filing search. 

This step is not mandatory, but could end up saving you a lot of time and money. It identifies any obstacles that are likely to be raised in examination or opposition.

The focus needs to be on using the correct search terms and fields. 

A lawyer can help you. You could also try to figure out on your own with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Or, if you are the kind of brand that prefers to use technology when available, may we introduce you to Markably?

Markably is complete legal technology that helps you register, monitor and enforce your brand assets. Intellectual property is the equivalent of real estate in 2020. Make sure you’re protecting it. 

When you sign up with Markably, we do the pre filing step for you! And so much more. 

Explore the system here.