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I am a Canadian lawyer and Trademark Agent, and I specialize in helping businesses protect their most valuable business assets – their trademarks.

I landed my first job in the intellectual property group of a major national law firm in 2001. Despite having an undergraduate degree in science, from day one, I was drawn to trademark law. Why? Because trademarks are imaginative and dynamic, and so are the people who create them.

But the legal services offered in the big firm environment don’t allow for personal connections and tailored advice. At least not without a shockingly large bill at the end.

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Freedom Warne
Freedom Warne
I am a Trademark Administrator, and I have over 15-years of experience working in the legal field, in particular in trademarks, copyrights, brand protection, marketing and advertising, patents and contracts, all obtained while working in leading Canadian IP law firms and in-house setting.

I thrive in a fast-paced and challenging work environment and can organize and prioritize competing workloads in a busy environment, with ease.

Outside of work, I am very active in the sport of ringette. I am passionate about playing and coaching ringette. When I am not at the arena, I enjoy exercising and spending time with friends and family, including my 2 adorable pups.

Trademark protection is just as important for startups as it is for global businesses. But we get that not every startup has the resources to hire a trademark lawyer to work with them on creating a custom brand protection strategy. So we’ve taken our years of experience in registering trademarks and built Markably, an online DIY trademark registration platform to help entrepreneurs and startups secure and protect a name and logo while building a profitable business.