Cynthia MasonProtect all the hard work you’ve invested into your brand.

I’m a Canadian lawyer and trademark agent, and I help busy executives and business owners select the best names and logos and protect these marks in Canada and abroad.

I take the risks out of launching new marks with detailed trademark searches and comprehensive trademark registrations, so that you can avoid costly and damaging infringement suits, expand to new markets with confidence, and focus more of your time and energy on running your business.

I landed my first job in the intellectual property group of a major national law firm in 2001. Despite having an undergraduate degree in science, from day one, I was drawn to trademark law. Why? Because trademarks are imaginative and dynamic, and so are the people who create them.

But the legal services offered in the big firm environment don’t allow for personal connections and tailored advice. At least not without a shockingly large bill at the end.

I was sure there had to be a better way.  

I created Mason PC, a boutique trademark law firm, to connect with clients and provide personalized expert help. And I will let you know in advance exactly what that help will cost.

I’m proud to partner with some amazing businesses in diverse industries to provide expert trademark availability searches, registrations and legal advice. I’ve helped:

  • An upstart Canadian passenger airline search and register their new name in Canada and the United States.
  • An award-winning Canadian children’s label maker search and protect their trademarks in global markets.
  • A professional race car driver register his personal trademarks in Canada.
  • One of North America’s largest food manufacturing companies with their Canadian trademark searches and registrations.
  • A major Canadian wine producer protect their wine marks in Canada and key export markets.

I’ve searched and registered trademarks for small businesses and large enterprises alike, and I can help your business too.

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You should also know…

I wasn’t always a trademark lawyer.

I thought I wanted to be a doctor. But when I realized I don’t like blood, or Birkenstocks, and I act like a drunk when I don’t get enough sleep, I thought I should explore some other options…

Chef? Seamstress? Prime Minister? Ice cream tester?

My dilemma was solved in one evening with a fortune cookie that said, “You would make a good lawyer.”

Since cookies never lie, I headed to law school and landed a job as a fancy-pants Bay Street lawyer.

I stayed there for 10-years, but I never really fit. The small-town girl from Nova Scotia was screaming from inside to lose the stiff suit and fake smile. I don’t know why, but Toronto just didn’t appreciate the girl who will bring a bag of ice to the party and hang out in the kitchen the whole time.

Plus, life just isn’t about billable hours, or 12-hour days being worn like a badge of honor. It’s about connecting with real people and making a difference in someone’s life. Anyone’s life.

So, I packed my bags and headed back east where the warm people grow. I got side-tracked in Ottawa by a handsome German cabinet-maker, and this is where you can find me now. On a farm west of Ottawa, with my German, two semi-German baby boys, two dogs and a rafter of transient turkeys.

And when I’m not valiantly defending my clients’ trademarks and helping them expand to new markets, I’m happily spending my time mastering the art of schnitzel-making, teaching my boys to be super-heroes, and trying every day to live up to my fortune.