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How much does a trademark registration cost in Canada?

The cost of a trademark registration in Canada depends on the number of classes of goods and services claimed in your trademark application. Goods and services must be classified in accordance with the Nice International Classification system, and the number of classes determines the government fees payable. The first class of goods/services in your application costs $336.60 in government fees, and each additional class costs $102. So, for example, if your trademark application covers 4 classes, the government fees would be $642.60 ($336.60 + $102 + $102 + $102), plus any fees that you pay for professional assistance in registering your trademark.

How much does a trademark search cost in Canada?

Our online trademark registration services include a search of the Canadian trademarks register for potentially conflicting trademarks.

Is it necessary to register trademark?

You do not have to register your trademark, but a trademark registration is necessary if you want to easily prove that you own it. If your mark is unregistered and someone copies it, your legal options for forcing them to stop are limited to a claim of trademark passing off. When trying to prove passing off, you will have to prove that you were the first person to use the trademark, that you have a reputation for the trademark, and that the other trademark is likely to confuse consumers. If your trademark is registered, you only have to prove that the other trademark is likely to confuse consumers.

How long do trademarks take to be approved?

In Canada, it takes about 2.5 to 3 years for a trademark to be approved, assuming there are no objections or oppositions to your trademark application. Our online trademark registration platform or a trademark lawyer can help you avoid additional delays caused by objections and oppositions.

How long do trademarks last?

A trademark registration grants you ownership of your trademark for 10-years, and it can be renewed for further 10-year periods.