As the online world evolved, I realized what I called ‘housekeeping’ was a system.

Systems are what make one half of the population glaze over. And the other half of the population the energy needed to put on that superhero cape and protect the brilliance of the people whose eyes have, in fact, glazed over.

Because those are the people who have the ideas.

The solutions.

The thing that will make world poverty go away.

Or perhaps the thing that will finally make cross platform integration on the interwebs possible.

The people who never pause in passing along their ideas to someone else, because they know that if someone steals them, they will think of more.

And the idea of offering the easiest online brand protection to those bands of renegades and game-changers excited me and elevated my own belief in myself.

(Insert image of BetterMed testimonial)

When I read things like that it blows my mind. Not fully computing.

If there is a chance that I could save even 1 person that kind of money, then I owed it to the Universe didn’t I? (I haven’t decided if it’s DC or Marvel, or an upshot of recently massive proportions. Stay tuned)

I put on that cape.

And I took the makings of the perfect trademark registration system I had on my hands, and I smithed it.

I put my head down and built a comprehensive online trademark registration and monitoring system. 

And that, my friends, is actually how Markably was born.

The registration system is open for registration. (I love a pun, and my marketing agency loves an SEO opportunity *wink*)

Today, protecting your brand online is more important than ever. 

It is the age on the mind.

Of Dragon’s Den dreams.

And runaway sucessesses.

And that little idea you had that has kept your family fed for years.

It is valid.

Protect it.

Markably is technology I can’t believe I have breathed into reality.

Come take a look please?

I feel comfortable finally saying you can easily and affordably take the hassle – and the risk – out of trademark registration.

Remember the Canadian gamification we referenced earlier?

That’s reflective of how easy we’ve made this.

  1. Intuitive.
  2. Unlike current DIY options, we have NO open ended text boxes that strike fear in most people’s heads.
  3. Instead, welcome to multiple choice options!
  4. Easy user interfaces and selections will walk you through the system with explainers along the way, in written, audio and video format, as needed.
  5. Responsive technology will kill the noise of unnecessary choices. (Ie: if you choose one category, it won’t show you the rest. Because, why???)

All things should be as easy as playing a game online.

Because, why not?

We will get it there as this thing unfolds. For now it’s ready for V1. Thankfully!!!!!

It took 17 years.

On the bright side, someone as self-critical as me is a good person to have on a software build. A lot less glitches.

I’ll tell you what… if you hit a glitch in the system over the next 24 hours, I’ll refund you the base user fees per registration of $195. Deal? If you use the system and it doesn’t work as it should, I’ll refund you the user fee and you’ll just owe the government (remember, I’m a lawyer, I’ll know if you lie ;))

That’s as close as it comes to a lawyer giving you a ‘guarantee’.

Markably launches January 20, 2020.

17 years in the making felt like it needed a milestone date.