Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to protecting your intellectual property.

Knowledge of your rights coupled with the registrations to prove you own your intellectual creations transforms your business into an impenetrable fortress. Freely sharing knowledge about how to protect trademarks is one of our foundational values, and 2021 was a year where we can proudly say we reached a record number of business owners and brand managers with our message of how important and easy it is to protect your brand. We had a lot of fun spreading this message! 

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Here are a few of our favourite 2021 appearances. 

Her Ceo JoHer CEO Journey™

Hosted by Christina Sjahli. Her CEO Journey™ is one of 12 favourite finance podcasts recommended by founders and small business owners to help them feel comfortable wearing their CFO hat. In this episode, Christina and Cynthia discussed the value of trademarks and how many business owners overlook their trademarks as valuable assets. We also spoke about how to name your business, especially when you want to stand out.  

THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs

A production of Startup Canada, Canada’s entrepreneurship organization, supporting Canada’s entrepreneurs to succeed. In this podcast, listeners are connected with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and organizations that provide capital, mentorship, training, tools and other supports to help make your vision reality, faster. In this episode, host Kayla Isabell and Cynthia dug deep into why trademark registrations are such valuable tools in protecting your brand. 

Kiddienomics – a kid-friendly video series

The most fun we had in 2021 was on Kiddienomics, a kid-friendly video series that educates kids, parents and educators about different topics relating to financial literacy. In this interactive video, Cynthia and Kimberley answered some very thoughtful questions about trademarks from the Kiddienomics kids! 

The Product-preneur Podcast

Hosted by Nicole De Larzac, a product development and marketing coach and all-around awesome interviewer! The Product-preneur Podcast shares the latest trends, proven strategies and inside secrets of the product development world. In this episode, Nicole and Cynthia explored all aspects of trademark protection, including why trademark registrations are so important, when you should file for one, how to find out if your name is taken, and they discussed the merits of DIY applications vs. getting legal help.

Biz Money Talks with Tracey Bissett

A live Facebook video series featuring money coach for entrepreneurs Tracey Bissett. In this interview, Tracey and Cynthia cover the basics of trademarks, what to protect, how to do it and so much more. 

Empowered 4X

We were happy to collaborate with Empowered 4X and to educate entrepreneurs in their community about trademark ownership in Canada. Empowered 4X is an entrepreneurial leadership training company dedicated to supporting businesses as they develop and operate on a day-to-basis. Cynthia and Kimberley conducted a series of webinars geared at educating participants on how to create strong trademarks and how to own and protect them in Canada. 

Jelly Social

Jelly Social is a group of BIPOC professionals in Canada. Kimberley was happy to become a part of that group last year which allowed her the opportunity to educate her fellow members about trademark protection in Canada. She was featured as an expert speaker in Jelly Social’s “Brand Yourself” event and was later invited to join Jelly Social’s specially curated mastermind featuring professionals in different fields of expertise.   

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