Trademark Legal Advice

Need a trademark lawyer?

All bad lawyer jokes aside, there are benefits to working with a lawyer to resolve legal issues. Lawyers are licensed and insured, and they are uniquely qualified to help you through a legal process.

I’m a Canadian lawyer and registered trademark agent, and I have over 15-years of specialized experience in trademark law. Every day I help businesses create solid agreements and navigate the legal avenues available to protect their trademarks. I’ve helped clients with:

  • Trademark licenses, transfers and co-existence agreements
  • Trademark watches
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Trademark oppositions
  • Trademark non-use cancellations
  • Trademark infringement and passing off claims
  • Online trademark enforcement
  • Domain name disputes

In most cases, I provide legal advice at an hourly rate of $300/hour, and I give a dependable budget at the outset. I can also provide fixed-fee project-based pricing, or a monthly retainer arrangement.

I promise clear and helpful advice, and no surprise costs.

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